Book Scanner/Cleaner

This tool scans or cleans books based on your selections below.
  • It only works on DRM free .epub format books. We have no plans for scanning/cleaning other formats or for breaking DRM.
  • It won't catch everything.
  • It won't fix poor construction, bad story telling, or grim perspectives.
  • It may be able give you an idea of how much rough stuff is in a book, and it should be able to remove the occasional word that ruins an otherwise good book.
Cleaning a book is legal only if:
  • You own your copy of the book.
  • You do not make a new copy of the book in the process.
  • You do not break DRM to edit the book.
  • You do not distribute the new version of the book.

Select a book:


Select what you want cleaned or scanned. F-bombs! Vulgarity (e.g. S-Bombs) Profanity (e.g. OMG it's profanity!) General Pejoratives (e.g. a Witch with a bee) Racial/Ethnic/Lifestyle Pejoratives (e.g. N-Bombs) Bible Words (e.g. H*ll, D*mn, *ss) Graphic Sexual Activity (e.g. you know it when you see it.) Graphic Violence (e.g. After it popped, the blood...) Disabling Despair (e.g. I'd explain, but... Does anybody want my toaster?)
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