About Quailsong

Excellent books without all the frustration.

Quailsong is designed to make book browsing a better experience.
When you want to read, you want to relax.

Quailsong has a clutter free, advertising free interface to avoid distraction.
Book covers are kept tasteful, and it includes only well written books that you won't have to put down halfway through reading because of bad language, graphic imagery, or good old fashioned 20th century despair.

Quailsong is not a "Family Friendly" bookstore (though we hope families will enjoy it).
It is primarily intended for older teens and adults who want literary adventures, but don't want to be left cold or disillusioned at the end.
There are selections intended for small children, but many books on the site contain themes that may be difficult for younger readers. Characters often do bad, even disturbing things, but their bad behavior is part of the journey, not the point of it.
Genres include Literary Fiction, Science Fiction, and Fantasy, but whatever the genre there must be a compelling story.

Relax! You're among friends.

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