Why do I have to give my information again when ordering books from major publishers?

We work with a distributor to provide books from major publishers and we don't provide them (or anyone) with your information.

Why do I have to download a viewer to read ebooks from major publishers when I don't have to do so for Quailsong and Classic books?

Most major publishers and authors require Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent piracy. Where they do not require it you can download a file, but for most ebooks you will have to use the viewer.

Will the major publishers' viewer work on my e-reader?

The viewer will work on anything that can download an iPhone or Android app, as well as many Kindle and Nook devices. It will not work on Kindles that don't load apps, such as the e-ink Kindles. See the instructions. Also double check the book's description page to see if you have to use the viewer or if you can download the file instead.

Can Quailsong send Quailsong and Classic Kindle ebook files directly to my Kindle?

Currently we can't. After downloading your file you can email it to your Kindle email address and it will appear on your Kindle. Just remember to authorize your regular email address in your kindle account. Amazon has instructions you can follow.

Why do I have to use Paypal? Can't I use my credit card?

Paypal is our credit card processor. When you checkout you will have to option to use your credit card or your paypal account.