Peter Pan

Author: J. M. Barrie
Genre: Fantasy
The eternally youthful Peter Pan encounters Wendy and her brothers, who decide to join him in Neverland and never grow old. Their plans do not reckon with either the sinister Captain Hook or the unsuspected dark side of perpetual childhood. Peter’s adventures with Wendy take place in a glorious world of imagination, where fairies and Wild Boys are boon companions in swashbuckling conflict with wild beasts and pirates. But in Peter and Wendy we can see another conflict, that between the love of family and responsibility of the adult world and the carefree, impulsive freedom of childhood. This is truly a tale to be appreciated equally, yet differently, by both children and grown-ups. This dual appeal, and the lasting, fundamental charisma of Peter himself, have made Peter Pan both enjoyable and relevant for each new generation.
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